Ochre News

Coming soon...! 20th July 2010

The excitement is building at Ochre HQ - as the last few finishing touches are being put to our new brochure, (Eco friendly FSC paper of course).

When we launched nearly 2 years ago, we thought we would just survive as an on line retailer - but at every show we attend we get requests for a proper brochure - so we have relented. It feels almost as if we are relaunching Ochre And Ocre all over again!

So as well as the core luxurious Organic Cotton table linen, and practical Organic Cotton kitchen textiles, there are quite a few new lines being added, to help you with your Christmas gift buying. Everything will be available online as well, but should you want to browse, and circle your favourites, to leave lying around, (hint hint!), we can send you a copy from September. We will let you know as soon as they are hot off the press!