Ochre News

NEW range now launched! 5th March 2010

Phew! After months of planning, sorting out designs, printing, sampling, photographing, we are really pleased to announce that our new British Collection is now live!

Exclusively designed for Ochre And Ocre by Lindsey Joyce, drawing on her love of travel and photography, as well as the works of 1950's designers Mary White and Lucienne Day. Lindsey named the designs after her two daughters, and they do seem to reflect their unique personalities quite well!

There was nearly a slight hiccup, when customers ordering couldn't proceed to the payment page, but luckily after a few hours detective work the rogue semi colon in the title was spotted and removed, allowing everything to work normally!

The wipeable table cloths have had the strongest reaction. They are made from Organic Cotton, coated with PU, (polyurethane), which is an eco friendly alternative to traditional oilcloth. The PU gives a softer finish, and the cloth still drapes nicely, without the crispness of normal oilcloth. Customers are loving the soft colours, and the fact they are so practical.

The design of the range is a lot more casual, more everyday than the Chateau collection, making it perfect for relaxed suppers at the kitchen table.

Another new item that has had an instant reaction is our tea cosy, but in our chic prints, it is a great present idea for Mothers Day.

We have also sent out a few of our hand made Lavender Hearts this week - stuffed with Cotswold Lavender, they make a really nice fragrant gift. At the moment the Madelaine design is more popular in the Lavender hearts than Isabella, but it's early days yet!