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Photoshoot 2nd June 2009

We had a brilliant time doing the pics last week, and the weather was glorious. Being Wales it was still windy, so we had to use strategically placed objects to weight the cloths down, to stop them blowing away.

I picked the flowers up from Charlie on Thursday morning, and headed straight to Peter's studio so we could do some inside pics. Peter (Joyce), is a professional photographer, I was lucky to have him photograph my wedding. I have know his daughter Glenys since primary school, so it is lovely to still be in touch.

After doing our inside pics, Paul & I headed up to Hay Bluff to do some scenic pics. Hay Festival was on, so Hay itself was quite busy. We certainly got some strange looks from the passing walkers up on the hill! We also did quite a few pics around my parents farm, it's funny how you view your home differently when you are trying to shoot product.

The new Organic Linen range does look fab - it has a really nice handle and drape, and the small stitching detail makes it quite special. It is always a relief when you see the finished samples and they are what you were hoping for! They worked really well combined with the Organic Cotton colours. I'm just waiting for the main delivery, then it will be available to order on the site. Hopefully by next week.

We took the "props" with us to Aberaeron, and managed to get some nice shots overlooking Mwnt Beach.

After all the hardwork of the photoshoot we made the most of our weekend at The Harbourmaster. As always the staff there were really friendly, and the food excellent. We had the old Harbourmaster's room on the very top floor, with a dual aspect over the coast and the harbour. With the sound of the waves and the cooling sea breeze it was the perfect end to a busy week.

The Home grown flowers are now available to order online!!

If you would like to see some behind the scenes images of the photoshoot you can become a fan of of our Facebook page. Just search Ochre & Ocre, and we should come up!